V.2 Stainless Steel Weight Plate Necklace

$ 69.99 $ 39.99

A portion of proceeds will go to Testicular Cancer Research & Awareness. 

This is version 2 of our stainless weight plate necklace. In short it is a million times better. The pendent is better, its bigger, way better quality, a new beautiful chain is included instead of our original bathtub chain and proceeds go to help testicular cancer research and awareness. 

This piece was created as a symbol of dedication towards life. Dedicated for Life (d4L) is a meaning that is close to so many and wearing this shows the world what you are made of. 

This is a limited edition piece made by Iron Charms for us. We've had a lot of questions and demand to make these pieces and we are super excited to finally release these. They not only look good but they represent an amazing cause! 

- Length of Stainless Steel Chain: 24", and is 2.5mm thick (NEW AND IMPROVED CHAIN)

- All individually packaged and made exclusively by Iron Charms 

- Pendant just over 1" in Diameter

- Made From Stainless Steel 316L