18K Gold Stainless Steel Weight Plate Necklace

$ 99.99 $ 69.99

We have been asked time and time again to make a Gold Necklace...so we finally did it, but it wasn't easy (and its gold...this stuff aint cheap!).

But listen, we made this 9 months ago, it was terrible. We made them do another one, and again it just didn't meet our standards. We then changed the entire process and we created what I think is an amazing necklace. 

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts (especially if you own the original stainless steel necklace) know the strength and power that this piece brings. This weight plate necklace is constructed from solid stainless steel and bonded/dipped with 60 mils of 18-karat gold

This piece was created as a symbol of dedication towards life. Dedicated for Life (d4L) is a meaning that is close to so many and wearing this shows the world what you are made of. 

 - Length of Chain is 24" and 2.5mm thick 

- Pendant just over 1" in Diameter

- Entire Necklace is made from 18K Gold and Stainless Steel 316L