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I answer a few questions you guys had in regards to the Furious 60. I also forgot to address my famous before and after video in 5 hours. Yes this video was to show how transformations can be faked, however, I FILMED every single part of this transformation, day in and day out, to show diet, training and more. There is clearly a difference between what I did for the Furious 60 and the photoshopped pictures I did for the Before and After in 5 hours. None of the pictures that we have posted from the Furious 60 have been altered in any way, shape or form. But again, I expected a lot of comments about that video, and I totally set myself up for it, but I also wanted to point out the main difference with what I did here.

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  • Posted on by Carl

    Hey Pete. What was your Body Fat levels before during and after if you recorded them. Many thanks. The furious 45 was great, the Furious 60 was much better as you seemed to struggle more emotionally and mentally with the diet, training, lifestyle etc etc. it took so much time and effort and it showed, yet, you smashed it anyway. Mucho respecto! Amazing content, more food content would be great. Thanks again bud. stay happy and healthy dude.

  • Posted on by dan morgan

    Hi pete

    Does the cutting plan come with diet and macro plan for the person who buys it or is it a general meal plans ?

    Dan morgan

  • Posted on by Rob

    PETE! I love your channel.

    Is the furious pack with the fat burner, book, and t-shirt still scheduled to ship in june?



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