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Lets answer some questions while eating 5Kg of Nutella! 



 Also we released some new items today on furiouspete.com, below are some details on the items, pick'em up while you can.


The first item is our BEER BITCH shirt...ever since I started drinking craft beer and imported beer over domestic cheap beers my friends called me a beer bitch, and I was proud to be called that. I love my beer and to wear this shirt, you need to as well! I think you'll like the tag we printed on the inside of the shirt too!

Beer Bitch Tee


Next on the list is a requested item for awhile now...to make a t-shrit version of the EAT BIG OR GO HOME Sleeveless. We reversed the colors and made it onto a super soft shirt. Perfect for anything really. 

Eat Big Or Go Home Silver tee


We have only done one v-neck in the past and they are requested more and more. We made this one perfect for going out. A clean d4L logo at the top and woven tag in the bottom like all our shirts. This one is a winner! 

d4L Black V-Neck

And of course lets not forget a tank! Soft heather grey d4L tank. The fit is awesome with these and perfect for summer!

d4L Heather Grey Tank

Lastly, apart from our release are these awesome Cell Phone Credit Card/ID Holders. I may put out phone cases one day, but I'm trying to find items that aren't in everyday places...so here we go! They are available in 4 colors, a green, black, blue and red. 

Before you ask popular questions, I will answer them. 

- Won't cards have problems? There is no problems that happen to card, like deactivation etc. The Silicone actually blocks signals from interfering with the cards. 

- Does it stick on well? The back is a 3M Sticky base and is guaranteed to stay on!

- What sizes will you have? It is one size fits most! (Probably won't fit those old school flip phones.

D4L Cell Phone Wallets

Here are some examples on an iphone 5S and a Samsung S4. 

Along with that we have restocked the popular superman shirt!

The Superman Shirt 



  • Posted on by Adam

    Dobra, kurwa, robota! :D
    Pozdrawiam z Polski!

  • Posted on by zupa

    o kurwa, ale się nawpierdalałeś :)

  • Posted on by Maeve

    I think it would’ve great for you to do a challenge (any…) shirtless. Because science.

  • Posted on by MadOrange

    Oh God!!! My fav food… Not anymore I think… I really hope you didn’t get sick after it…not too sick I guess… !!!
    It was awesome watching you getting high on sugar so thank you for that!!!;)

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