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So you guys asked for it, and here it is, a 400 Reps Leg Workout with my mom!



The workout was pretty simple, and a combination that I feel works well. We picked two common leg exercises, this time leg extension and leg press. 

You chose a weight that you can just barely complete without having to stop for 20 reps. The first 5 sets, 200 reps, will be a pre-exhaust, while the final 200 is where everything becomes...well the workout. If you are able to do more than 5-6 reps at a time in the last 5 sets then add more weight!

Here is what we both did:

Leg Extension Weight: Set 1 -8: Mom - 85lbs / Me 230lbs  Set 9-10: Mom 90lbs / Me 260lbs

Leg Press Weight: Set 1-8: Mom - 2 Plates / Me: 6 Plates  Set 9-10: Mom 2 Plates / Me 8 Plates

10 Sets, Each set consists of  20 Reps Leg Extension and then 20 Reps Leg Press. Rest as LITTLE as possible between each set. 


We carbed up before hand with snack from Nature Box. You can get 50% off your first month by going to http://www.naturebox.com/pete! Get some healthy snacks and eat healthy on the road or at home! 



  • Posted on by Glenn

    Hey Furious Pete!

    I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your videos and I work out with my parents too! Its fun!

    Anyway I needed some advice.. I am 24 and weigh around 185. I put on 20lbs since January and am happy to see my upper body results. However my legs are not matching the upper body. I work out legs once a week. I do leg extensions, squats on rack, squats on machine (the one in your video) and sometimes leg curls all in one day but I can never see any results. Would you consider the workout routine in this video for some one with chicken legs?

  • Posted on by D Banks

    Hey Pete big fan at wat u do but I’ve never seen u do a
    Philly cheese steak challenge please do so and I’ll know you will because u never turn down a challenge

  • Posted on by Michael Hecktus

    She is a machine….#unfu**kingbelievable I will try this challenge this week! I hope I can press more than mom!

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