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Hey Guys!

TRAVEL TIPS! I constantly get asked how I travel the world so much. Am I rich? Am I connected? The answer to both, is no, not really. Lately I have been able to go around the world to so many places for free because of TV shows I have been doing, which is essentially just traveling for work.
However, this was not the case when I first started traveling. I backpacked Europe, Brazil, Thailand and more on VERY LITTLE money. And so I wanted to share some tips with you guys in case you are saying "I can't afford to travel". Yes you can, and you SHOULD because you will learn so much more about yourself when you do!
1. Get a Travel Book Guide: An actual book though, don't just rely on google as there can be so many fake reviews. Check out amazon for some books.

2. Hostels: A lot of people will think about travel and look at the ridiculous prices of hotels. If you are traveling alone (which I recommend as you will experience the world in a totally different way), then you SHOULD look at hostels. I used when I was booking most of my travel. You can easily pay $10-25 a night for a place to stay with a shower, and breakfast. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a regular hotel. In fact I paid $3 a night for a room in Thailand that had air conditioning and breakfast included! Also the amazing things about hostels is that you get to MEET people. I still talk to people I've met when I was backpacking 8 years ago!
3. Be smart about flights: So here is something people don't think about a lot. Airport taxes. They will vary a lot from country to country and from city to city. So for an example. When you are traveling to Europe...DO NOT start your trip in London Heathrow. It is one of the most expensive airports to fly into. Fly into a city like Amsterdam or Frankfurt. NEXT, when you do arrive and want to head to another city look out for bargain airlines within those countries. For an example, Europe has Ryan Air, Easyjet and Wizz Air that are all VERY cheap airlines. Alternatively train travel can be even cheaper and faster (because of all the time needed at the airport before you fly).
Anyways I just wanted to give a few tips. I have plenty more tips but I wanted to get a feel of what you guys thought of this to begin with. Let me know! Do your research guys and don't let one search defer you from exploring the world. Take time to plan things out!
Till next time!

Furious Pete