Posted by Peter Czerwinski

Hey Guys,

I sent this to my newsletter a couple days ago and also showed a couple clips in a vlog, but I wanted to show you guys the complete workout. 

So we did a quick arm workout on Friday (first time training with a partner in awhile), and man did we get an awesome pump! I took some Furious Cuts a few hours before the workout and I was focused and ready!

So here is what we did. 8 Exercises, all done as supersets! I feature a lot of supersets in my training guides because I feel they really get the job done! You'll want to use a weight that you can do barely 10 reps of! 

So try this the next time its arm day (Do each superset 4 times)!


First Superset:

➢ Close Grip Bench (We Used Chains as well) superset with weighted chin ups (no need for weight if you can't)

Second Superset

➢ Barbell Curls (We used chains again for fun) superset with skull crushers

Third Superset

➢ Reverse Curls superset with Rope Pulldowns till failure

Fourth Superset

➢ Dumbbell Curls Lying against an include superset with Diamond Pushups

 Give this a try and let me know what you think. If you ever need more training advice or even personal coaching then check out (more programs coming soon)


Furious Pete


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