Posted on by Peter Czerwinski

I constantly get asked what equipment I use to film my videos. Some are simple, yet some get more complex for World Tours. So here is a list of cameras I use! (Note you can click on the images to be redirected to Amazon for more information)  



This is my heavy hitter camera that I use for my main productions. It shoots in 4k, can do 120fps, and is AMAZING in low light conditions. This camera isn't cheap, but its hella awesome! I have to say the battery life kind of sucks on this camera, but they are nice enough to give you a second battery with the body (doesn't happen too often)

I have two lenses for this camera, the 24-70mm and a 90mm Macro. The 24-70 is for everyday filming, while the 90 is for close up shots and really crisp pictures that I use to take Furious Apparel pictures.

24-70mm                                           90mm Macro



Next up is my Daily VLOG Camera


 This is the perfect size camera for everyday travel. It fits in your pocket and the quality beats all other point and shoots. It doesn't shoot 4k but who needs a 4k vlog. If you really want to shoot in 4k then take out the sony and get'er done right? The quality of the video shot with this is great, the pictures are fantastic and the sound is great as well. You won't be disappointed with this one (I also drop it all the time and I've only broken 2 over the past 3 years)

And my other older one, but still an awesome one!


Why is the Canon 70D SLR so good for a YouTuber? Because of the screen that flips out! Let's face it most of us don't have anyone to film for us. This camera is perfect to just mount on tripod and just roll because you will know your exact position (just stare into the lens, not the actual screen when you are recording). I really recommend grabbing the SIGMA 18-35mm lens. It gives you the best bang for your buck! 



If you're using an SLR...get a mic. You have two options here. I use a boom mic and sometimes a lav, which I will mention after this. The Rode Mic is probably the best small boom mic that you can buy. You won't get better sound in my opinion from another product. Sound MAKES a video. If you have terrible sound then the entire video will be ruined. 


Lav mics are great when only one person is talking and you don't need any other sounds. So when I am hosting a TV show or when I'm doing a motivational video I will use a lav mic to avoid any echos in the room. 


Let me know if this was useful for you guys! Till next time!

- Pete