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Tried to get back into Deadlifts. A little discomfort but nothing crazy. Excited that the ankle recovered faster than I thought! Thanks for the daily support, keep your eyes out to furiouspete.com tomorrow :)

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  • Posted on by Nate

    Hey man! I know you’re nursing an injury, and that’s good that you’re deadlifting, but was just noticing a few things about your form you might think about changing! So first off, the bar position in conventional needs to stand over the center of your foot, otherwise you’re pulling the bar out first then inwards. During that process you lose a lot of momentum, and also fatigue your joints from extra work. Another thing I noticed was how high up your hips are, and that puts stress on your lower back, and uses more shoulder and upper body than necessary. Even with light weight, every lift should feel the same, and if you worked a little on your setup I think you’d rise back up to your older weights faster. Also, have you ever considered trying sumo? You can reply to this if you want, or ignore it and think I’m just another form nazi, but alas I figured I’d pass on the message. I watch a lot of oldschool powerflifters and their collaborations with well known gym youtubers, and just wanted to help! d4l

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