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Did this really just happen? What a blur of a day! We launch Furious Formulations and an offer of ours got accepted for a house?!

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  • Posted on by Maxwell Haupapa

    Fuck yeah Pete. Congrats! This is crazy good news!!! I’m super excited for Furious Formulations, and for you to start your life!!!

  • Posted on by Sean

    The hardest work pays off Pete! Well done!

  • Posted on by John Chen

    That’s crazy how things are swinging back and forth for you. I’ve been following you for the past few years, this past year has been a crazy roller coaster for you with cancer, beating it, worries about the 6 month check up, reflecting on the fact that you haven’t lived with Mel after losing the bid with the other house and now you got a house… OUT OF THE BLUE, and Furious Cuts is good to go? Holy shit dude. Pete, you’ve been a solid mentor to me with your videos both with fitness and my mentality. I’m glad you’re in this world, because you change people for the better. fist bump

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