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This is a very in depth EIGHT week guide that will take you through Nutrition and Supplementation (Training/Workout Plan available separately or get the Full Complete ULTIMATE Mass Gainer Guide), and show you a different way of thinking when it comes to gaining weight properly. 

These training session WON'T BE EASY, you will have to push hard, but it will be WORTH it, if you put in the effort and you will be guaranteed results.  

This is a Complete Nutrition Mass Guide that has everything you NEED to get the results that you WANT!

  • Complete nutrition guide
  • Concepts I've learned over the last 10 years that have helped me gain and maintain mass NATURALLY.
  • Complete shopping list 
  • Personalized Diet Plans Examples weight classes of 150-180lb, 180-200lb and 200-230lb
  • My Favorite Mass Gain Recipes 
  • My supplement list recommendations

Using the methods found in this guide I transformed my body from looking skinny and sick on the left in 2003 to having lean muscle mass on the right in 2008.  
And Now Bigger and Leaner in 2015!

All training programs are downloadable in PDF format and can be saved to your computer or smartphone. You will be given the chance to download the program directly after your purchase and it will also be directly emailed to you to download as well in case you miss it after checkout.