Royal Stay Hungry Toddler Tee

$19.99 $9.99

 This Furious Pete shirt is a Royal 100% Cotton Pre-Shrunk, Toddler Shirt.

The Words Stay Hungry can have a lot of meanings. A lot of people will be quick to assume it is related to food, but its all about Stay Hungry, Dedicated, Passionate with everything you do, every single day. Be Hungry with your goals, with your life! 

This design has a graphic of a tiger and the words stay hungry, with the tiger biting into the word hungry in a fashionable sense on the front of the shirt, while the back remains blank.

100% Cotton

- This Product is Unisex 


*Pete's Son would most likely wear a 1T regardless of age so that he can show off his gains! 

Sizing Chart:

 Size Width
2T 11"
4T 13"