Furious Wrist Wraps (elite edition)

$ 40 $ 20

Furious Wraps are our Elite Edition Wraps. These aren't your regular wraps or even just heavy duty wraps, these are FURIOUS WRAPS. If these wraps can't save your wrists in the gym than NOTHING can. Our competition ready wraps will get you through anything. We Guarantee it. 

Furious Wraps are made out competition grade elastic. They are light and the strongest wraps we have ever made. They are optimal for heavy lifting and getting maximum wrist support! 

- 24" long for easy use and enough support for the wrist

- 3" width 

- Patent pending teeth velcro 

- Available in 5 Different Colors (Camo, Black, Red, Pink and Purple)

- One Size

- Two Wraps come in every package

* IPF Approval Pending