Furious Wrist Wraps (elite edition)

$ 40 $ 34

Furious Wraps are our Elite Edition Wraps. These aren't your regular wraps or even just heavy duty wraps, these are FURIOUS WRAPS. If these wraps can't save your wrists in the gym than NOTHING can. Our competition ready wraps will get you through anything. We Guarantee it. 

Furious Wraps are made out competition grade elastic. They are light and the strongest wraps we have ever made. They are optimal for heavy lifting and getting maximum wrist support! 

- 24" long for easy use and enough support for the wrist

- 3" width 

- Patent pending teeth velcro 

- Available in 5 Different Colors (Camo, Black, Red, Pink and Purple)

- One Size

- Two Wraps come in every package

* IPF Approval Pending

Customer Reviews

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One of the best wrist wraps you can get on the market!

Have you ever had good sex....like REALLY good sex? I'm still a virgin so I haven't at all but it probably feels as good as these wrist wraps!! I've brought many wrist wraps and all they really do is cut off the blood circulation to my hands and offer no support. I was sceptical about buying these because of the price, shipping cost and shipping time. What changed my mind? I was training with one of my friends and I tried on the pair that he brought and after benching and squatting with these wrist wraps on, I haven't looked back on my decision. They offer more protection than having two condom, maybe even more! Nuff said! They offer top notch protection and support. If you love yourself, your wrist, your sport and want to train long jeverdy look no more!


Love them!!! Tight fit and amazing support for those HEAVY lifts


The Everyday Wraps - 4 Colors Available

Great :+1::skin-tone-2:

Great :+1::skin-tone-2:

Huge difference

Only used them a few times but I can already feel the difference. Comfortable to wear and absolutely help keeps my wrists stable