Furious Sleeves (sold as pair)


Furious Sleeves are made to give tight compression and warmth to your knees to promote better blood flow and reduce the direct strain on the knees during squats or any lifts that require the bending of the knee. 

We have been working on these sleeves for over 2 years now, improving on our first design, making them longer and with a higher grade neoprene. We also wanted to ensure that the colors are ones that you can't get on the market. We hope that these are the best sleeves you have ever used and they take your training to the next level. 

- 7mm thick High Grade Neoprene 

- 11.75" (30cm) sleeve length 

- Sold as a PAIR 

- Reduces Pressure and Swelling

 * IPF Approval Pending


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 Sizing example:

 *Furious Pete (6'2", 250lbs) uses both a Large size for very heavy (max) lifts and XL for a comfort fit.

Sizing Chart

Sleeve Size Comfort Fit  Competition/Max Lift Fit
S 33-35.5cm 35.5-38cm
M 35-37.5cm 37.5-40cm
L 37-39.5cm 39.5-42cm
XL 38.5-41cm 41-43.5cm
XXL 40-42.5cm 42.5-45cm
XXXL 42.5-45cm 45-47.5cm




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