D4L Cell Phone Smart Wallet

$8.99 $3.99

The D4L Smart Wallet. We were going to release phone cases....but we wanted to do something different :)

This wallet/card holder sticks onto the back of almost any phone (probably not a flip phone), but anything from iPhones to massive Note 3's. There is nothing more annoying when going out and having too many things in your pockets. You are always going to take your phone, so if you know where your phone is, then you know where your wallet is! 

The wallet has a 3M stick pad which assures you this won't fall off (I've had it on for awhile and thrown it around and nothing happened)

Things to note:

- The silicone blocks any signals that you believe may interfere between the phone and credit card


- You can fit 2-5 cards in this wallet without any cards falling out

- Wallet Dimensions: 2.25" x 3.5" (5.7cm x 8.9cm)


*Examples below show the wallet on an iPhone 5s and Samsung S4