Shaker Bottle (Green/Black)

$18.99 $12.99

We finally have shaker bottles after getting endless requests...but to be honest this is long overdue as we all use these. The biggest problem that I always face is when a bottle leaks, so it was my mission to find a bottle that DOESN'T leak, which led me to the Typhoon. These bottles are guaranteed to never leak, even after you put it through the dishwasher 20 times. 

One side of the bottle has a the Team Furious logo and the other has the d4L logo. The bottle is black with a green lid and green logos. There is a strainer inside to break up any powders and a leak proof flip top cap. 

- 32oz filled right to the top. Side indicates 24oz/700mL to properly measure fluids

removable turbo strainer with plastic blades & handle

- Heavy duty, will not leak

- BPA Free

- Team Furious and D4L Logo on each bottle

- Leak Proof Flip Top cap

* Please note that the label on the bottle is not dishwasher friendly. Please take care of the bottle and hand wash it as needed.