18k Gold d4L Stainless Steel Necklace

$ 75 $ 38

Part of Proceeds Going to Testicular Cancer Research & Awareness

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts (especially if you own the original stainless steel necklace) know the strength and power that this piece brings. This weight plate necklace is constructed from solid stainless steel and bonded/dipped with 60 mils of 18-karat gold

What’s your ‘WHY’? Dedicated for Life (d4L) is a motto that has been a source of motivation for our fans and followers for nearly a decade now, and holds multiple meanings from one person to the next. We hope that you find your own personal meaning with this piece, and use it as a symbol for motivation in whatever it is you are trying to achieve and as a reminder for your ‘why’ in life.

  • Length of Chain is 24" and 2.5mm thick 
  • d4L Pendant just over 1" in Diameter
  • Entire Necklace is made from 18K Gold and Stainless Steel 316L