Posted on by Peter Czerwinski

Full Body Workouts....

I’m sure we have all tried them, but are they useful or just destructive?

I believe that doing 2, or maybe 3 body parts in one workout can be done on a consistent basis but a full body workout in which you are doing 8-10 bodyparts can be very taxing on your body and can prohibit you from training at your full capacity if the next workout you do.

Generally when I do full body workouts, like I did a few days ago, its when I can’t get to a real gym OFTEN when I’m on the road. So if I’m traveling and can only find a real gym with weight once a week, then I’ll do a full body workout there so I can cover my basis, otherwise I am just doing pushups, burpees and sit up in my hotel room.

When you are doing a full body workout, try and limit it to one exercise per bodypart (unless you are super human or something). 

The other day when I did my full body workout I did this:

  • Deadlifts (5 Sets)
  • Back Squats (5 Sets)
  • Leg Extension (4 Sets)
  • Barbell Bench Press (5 Sets)
  • Lateral Pulldowns (4 Sets)
  • Seated Arnold Shoulder Press (4 Sets)
  • Preacher Curls (4 Sets)
  • One arm tricep pull downs (4 sets per arm)
  • Shrugs (4 Sets)
  • Roman Chair Ab Crunches (4 sets)

As you can see this was 43 total sets! That’s a lot for a workout (definitely needed that Goku Gains for this one!). Keep in mind it can be hard to put on weight or gain strength when you are only doing full body workouts so limit them to when you HAVE to do them.

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Enjoy the workout and let me know on my socials if you guys want more of these!