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Click LIKE/FAV! So after months of me being an asshole to Epic Meal Time, they finally let me eat one of their meals. It was great hanging with them, and I'm glad we came to an understanding. I answer a few questions that people had in this vlog, 1. How did it taste? 2. How long did filming take? 3. How much drugs did they take before? 4. Did you eat the whole meal? 5. Are they douches? 6. Was I disappointed with my short air time? I was featured in their last episode: The Stockyard Burger: www.youtube.com Check out Epic Meal Time: www.youtube.com www.twitter.com www.facebook.com Furious Pete Clothing: www.districtlines.com/Furious-Pete Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! www.facebook.com www.twitter.com Clothing and supplements available at: www.bodybuilding.com The place I train at www.elementcrossfit.com Thanks for subscribing! furiouspete123. furious pete, fp, food, epicmealtime, epic, bacon, burger, liquor, drunk, grill, marrow, Jack Daniels, Toronto, Youtube, vlog, musclesglasses, harley, sauce boss, bacon strips


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