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I get asked all the time how I stay in shape while I am on road and eating all this crap. I workout usually once or twice a week so I do full body workouts. I would prefer to do some strongman workouts or olympic lifting but that proves to be rather difficult in tourist gyms. Below is an example of the workout I did here in Chiang Mai, Thailand (which is the gym in this video) Travel Workout Legs Heavy Back Squats 5 Sets - 5 Reps Front Squats 3 Sets - 10 reps Hack Squat 3 Sets - 12 reps Leg Extension 4 Sets - Max Reps Arms Rope Tricep Pulldown 4 Sets - Max Reps Ez-Bar Curls - Superset with Skull Crushers 4 Sets - Max Reps Decline Dumbell Curls - Superset with Alternate Hammer Curls 4 Sets - Max Reps Back Barbell Rows 4 Sets - 10 Reps Close Grip Pulldowns 3 Sets - Max reps Chest Incline Barbell Bench 4 Sets - 5 Reps Cable Crossovers 3 Sets - Max Reps Calves Seated Calf Raise 4 Sets - 25 Reps This video was shot at the Power House Gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand ******************************************************************************* Like on Facebook! www.facebook.com Follow on Twitter! www.twitter.com Clothing and supplements available at: www.bodybuilding.com The place I train at www.elementcrossfit.com ************THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FOOD EATING CHANNEL********** Thanks for Subing this video!


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