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I want to eat you Epic Meal Time. Thanks. I clearly know this video sucks, but if you hate...I'll EAT YOU! After so many requests from fans to team up with Epic Meal Time to eat one of their meals I have come down to this...a video to spam Epic Meal Time so I can eat one of their meals. Furious Pete just wants one of your bacon epic meals...just one and it will all be over with. A Canadian eater that wants to eat...and want to eat ALL OF IT! Post on their facebook and twitter: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com And of course on their youtube channel below: www.youtube.com ********************************************************************** Like on Facebook! www.facebook.com Follow on Twitter! www.twitter.com Clothing and supplements available at: www.bodybuilding.com The place I train at www.elementcrossfit.com Thanks for Subscribing and liking this video!


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