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Thanks for SUBSCRIBING! CAKEZILLA - THE ULTIMATE CAKE - 11680 CALORIES What better way to get Diabetes than this cake? I took a ton of delicious ingredients and put them all together and froze them. Then I ate them. It was good. 2 x McCain Cream Pies - 1920 Calories - 120grams of fat 2 x Pillsbury Cookie Dough - 4160 Calories - 192grams of fat Sundae Ice Cream - 1120 Calories - 49grams of fat 12 x Donuts - 2400 Calories - 108grams of fat 6 x Joe Louis Cakes - 1560 Calories - 72grams of fat 6 x Reese PB Cups - 520 Calories - 30grams of fat Cakezilla Total = 11680 Calories - 571grams of fat I did what the Epic Meal Time crew did with their slaughterhouse Christmas Special, TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving, Fast Food Sushi and all the other Epic Meal Time videos and ate the meal on my own...well I just didn't use bacon..so I guess I fail big time Click to Retweet! clicktotweet.com Like on Facebook! www.facebook.com Follow on Twitter! www.twitter.com Clothing and supplements available at: www.bodybuilding.com The place I train at www.elementcrossfit.com ************THIS IS THE ORIGINAL AND BETTER MAN v. FOOD**********


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