Posted by Peter Czerwinski

Do I like Bitcoin? Do I have any? What do I think of it? 

I've been getting asked that a lot lately, and let me tell you...its F@$Ken CRAZY! If you have balls (or ball), then you should try and invest something into it in my opinion. I had the opportunity to invest back when bitcoin was around $100. I should have invested ALOT more than I did (I literally did almost nothing). Is this a bubble right now? I can't answer one can because bitcoin is controlled by the richest people out there right now. There like less than 50 of them that own something like 80-90% off the bitcoin in the world. So you can imagine..if they want the coin to go up...they can figure out how to do that. 

If you are interested in getting some coins I use the following:

Coinbase: Awesome and EASY way to Buy/Sell/Store Bitcoin/Etherium/Litecoin and you can get $10 worth of Bitcoin with your first $100 deposit by going to

QuadrigaCX - This place is more complicated, but has HIGHER Deposit limits and LOWER Fees. Check them out at http://QuadrigaCX


I also started doing some LENDING and MINING. These lending programs are easy to use and they pay ridiculous interest right now. The Mining programs are a bit more complicated but are great income generating source. 

BITCONNECT: This place is great, and you can really do well if you are okay with planting your money for 300 days or so. It's pretty user friendly, and you don't need a lot to get started. Check it out at

HASHFLARE: Mine CryptoCurrencies! It'll cost you, but you can do well here long term for sure:



Are you into crypto? The next coin that I'm really interested in is THETA TOKEN. Read more about it at


I'll add more to this blog in the near future!