Posted by Peter Czerwinski

I never really write anything in these blogs but I think I should start!

So I've wanted wristbands for awhile, but didn't just want to put words on them...because thats boring. It took awhile to perfect the TEAM FURIOUS logo but its finally the way I wanted it and there will be a chain of TEAM FURIOUS products coming out. 

Today were new Wristbands and Sticker Packs. 

The wristbands come in Red, Blue and White colors and we are offering free shipping worldwide on sets of 3 (and hopefully on single bands as well). A portion of these proceeds from the bands will go to sicks kids hospital in Toronto (more info about that coming soon).

The stickers are EAT LIFT EAT stickers, just like the shirt that came a month ago and team furious stickers. I think they are awesome and we are also offering free shipping worldwide on these packs :).


Thank you for the continued support, it means so much and it just means things can only get cooler online and I can produce the content I WANT to produce!


Remember guys Stay Dedicated For Life andddddddd or coruse, Stay Sexy, Stay Hungry and Get Laid!