Posted by Peter Czerwinski


Ahhhhhhhhhh finally a new release! You guys have asked me time and time again to release Weight lifting belts and we finally did it. As always we opt for the highest quality products we can get our hands on, and after going through a LOT of samples from both Belts, Knee Sleeves and Wrist Wraps we finally can release the products out to you!

Heavy Duty Leather Lifting Belts (Free Shipping)

*Please note that the price listed will include shipping*

Team Furious Apparel Premium Heavy Duty Leather Lifting Belts. They are made from 100% Black Garmet Leather.  

I've been asked to make leather belts I've been using for a long time now, and we finally made some. We opted for a highest quality belt we could get our hands on, and we guarantee you will enjoy the belt in all your gym sessions. 

Two options for belts:

- Team Furious Logo on the back and D4L logo on the front

- D4L Logo on the back and Team Furious logo on the front

- 4" Back Tapered to 2.5" to the front

- Single Ply

- 2 Prong Buckle

- Embroidery Logo available in two options

Power Lever Belts


Team Furious Apparel genuine suede leather power lever belt. I've been asked to make belts I've been using for a long time now, and we finally made some. This is a traditional, high quality power lever belt that will meet powerlifting needs. 

Two options for belts:

- Team Furious Logo on the back

- D4L Logo on the back

 - Can be loosened in less than a second with a quick flick of the patented Lever.

- Conforms to your body shape over time and forever stays firmly supportive.

- Heavy duty lever closure system.

- The Belt measures 10cm wide and 10mm thick.

Camo D4L Knee Sleeves (Sold As Pair)

Team Furious Apparel Knee Sleeves are made to give mild compression and warmth to your knees to promote better blood flow and reduce the direct strain on the knees during squats or any lifts that require the bending of the knee. 

These knee sleeves are Camo in color and have a d4L logo on the front and team furious written on the back. 

- 7mm thick Neoprene 

- Sold as a PAIR! (unlike most neoprene sleeves on the market)

- Reduces Pressure and Swelling

- If you want very tight compression then order a size down

Heavy Duty CAMO Wrist Wraps (Team Furious/D4L)

Heavy Duty Camo Wrist Wraps, very light and strong wraps for heavy lifting and maximum wrist support!

These are available in the Team Furious Logo and D4L Logo. 

- 18" long for easy use and enough support for the wrist

- Velcro provides adjustable sizing

- One Size, 18" x 3.2" - Elastic + Velcro

- 80% Cotton, 20% Rubber

- Two Wraps come in every package


Thanks for the continued support and we hope you love these items as much as we do!