Posted by Peter Czerwinski

Well it's been awhile since I've released a number of products at once....I usually do 1 or 2 items at a time, but this time we are releasing 5 new items and restocking one!

Below are the details of what we are releasing! 

The first item is our BEER BITCH shirt...ever since I started drinking craft beer and imported beer over domestic cheap beers my friends called me a beer bitch, and I was proud to be called that. I love my beer and to wear this shirt, you need to as well! I think you'll like the tag we printed on the inside of the shirt too!

Next on the list is a requested item for awhile make a t-shrit version of the EAT BIG OR GO HOME Sleeveless. We reversed the colors and made it onto a super soft shirt. Perfect for anything really. 

We have only done one v-neck in the past and they are requested more and more. We made this one perfect for going out. A clean d4L logo at the top and woven tag in the bottom like all our shirts. This one is a winner! 

And of course lets not forget a tank! Soft heather grey d4L tank. The fit is awesome with these and perfect for summer!

Lastly, apart from our release are these awesome Cell Phone Credit Card/ID Holders. I may put out phone cases one day, but I'm trying to find items that aren't in everyday here we go! They are available in 4 colors, a green, black, blue and red. 

Before you ask popular questions, I will answer them. 

- Won't cards have problems? There is no problems that happen to card, like deactivation etc. The Silicone actually blocks signals from interfering with the cards. 

- Does it stick on well? The back is a 3M Sticky base and is guaranteed to stay on!

- What sizes will you have? It is one size fits most! (Probably won't fit those old school flip phones.

Here are some examples on an iphone 5S and a Samsung S4. 

Along with that we have restocked the popular superman shirt! 


All these items will be released alongside my MILLION Subscriber video on my main channel!