Heavy Duty Leather Lifting Belts

$159.99 $129.99


Team Furious Apparel Premium Heavy Duty Leather Lifting Belts. They are made from 100% Black Garmet Leather.  

I've been asked to make leather belts I've been using for a long time now, and we finally made some. We opted for a highest quality belt we could get our hands on, and we guarantee you will enjoy the belt in all your gym sessions. 

Two options for belts:

- Team Furious Logo on the back and D4L logo on the front

- D4L Logo on the back and Team Furious logo on the front

- 4" Back Tapered to 2.5" to the front

- Single Ply

- 2 Prong Buckle

- Embroidery Logo available in two options


Sizing Chart

S  24" - 31"
M 27" - 34"
L 32" - 39"
XL 36" - 43"